Thank you, Ellen Davis, senior vice president of research and strategic initiatives of the National Retail Federation (NRF) for inventing and marketing Cyber Monday.

Her research showed that when people went back to work the Monday after Thanksgiving, they were shopping online using their work computers for the faster internet speeds and their children had no way to see what they were getting on the home computer, who would have thought? 

The NRF sent out a press release days before turkey day in 2005, using the new term “Cyber Monday”, online retailers were thrilled to see a 77% jump in sales! 

Insane fact- Cyber Monday 2019 during peak hours spending was 12 million per MINUTE!

BE NATURAL ORGANICS is thankful for last year’s biggest Cyber Monday sale ever. This year we are committed to making it even bigger and better with incredible deals.


I get it, 2020 has been a really hard year to find things to be grateful for, COVID-19, a divided country, high unemployment…

When you think of the times in the past where you’ve been grateful for your health, the love of your life, bills that were paid and food on the table, you felt a spark of gratitude. 

At other times life can bring you down so low that you feel you have absolutely nothing to give thanks for. For your own well being, find something to be grateful for. 

Did you know… 

Happy thoughts negate unhappy thoughts. Research has “positively” shown happy, positive emotions are exceptionally good for our body, brain, and spirit.

Sounds like an easy thing to do right? Not always, it takes training, emotional strength and persistence. There are ways you can train yourself, just use your smarts and senses to learn how.

  • Schedule a gratitude reminder on your phone to come up in the morning and evening, take a second to start your day with positivity and before bed reflect on something good from the day, you well sleep better.
  • Be present! Stop your multi-tasking mind, look at the sun, smell the fresh rain, smile at the person next to you.
  • Say Thank you more often- it spreads gratitude!
  • Start a gratitude journal- on your phone or a paper journal, write at least 3 things a day, soon your mind will just do it automatically.
  • 21-day gratitude challenge- No judgment, gossip or criticizing for 21 days! 
  • Exchange self-pity for gratitude and move forward towards a happier life.

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EWG….. What or Who are They?

EWG, is an acronym for Environmental Working Group. The EWG is the largest nonprofit agency created to protect US citizens from exposure to harmful toxic chemicals. This includes the personal care industry as well as many others.

All products featured on EWG’s website go through rigorous testing and information gathering in order for a product to be given a safety rating. Be Natural Organics is thrilled that our products have received outstanding ratings.

Another rating is EWG Verified. This seal is given to those products after passing a program of purity.

Currently, BNO has three best-selling products that are EWG Verified.

Hyaluronic Serum – Perfect for skin that is dealing with aging as well as a multiple of other concerns. Provides lush amounts of hydration.

  • Holds up to 1000% in moisture
  • Plumps skin for a more youthful skin
  • Does not clog pores

Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser– A gentle foaming cleanser

  • PH balanced
  • Gentle for all skin types
  • Safe for sensitive, mature skin, adults and children

Squalane Serum – All natural oil derived from pure olives that deep dives into your skin for optimal moisture

  • It does a phenomenal job softening and plumping fine lines providing the appearance of a youthful look
  • The perfect primer under cosmetics for a professional look


We all know the importance of sunscreen in the summer but not all realize it’s extremely important in the winter months too. I didn’t until I started investigating for this blog. 

Did you know?

  • Snow and ice actually intensify and reflect up to 90% of UV rays.
  • UV rays and sun damage can cause skin cancer.
  • UV rays are responsible for those nasty wrinkles we don’t want, the number is a staggering 90%.
  • Even if it’s a cloudy day the sun still comes through.
  • Winter sport enthusiasts are at a higher risk, so sunscreen is a must! 
  • Skiers and snowboarders’ risk of UV damage is increased by 4-5% for every 1000 feet they are above sea level.
  • The ozone layer is our UV protector, but is at its thinnest during winter months.
  • The blustery wind, cold temps, dryness, windburn and yes sunburn all combine to make your skin more susceptible to damage and premature wrinkling.
  • 30 SPF is the recommended number for best coverage applied every 3-4 hours.

BE NATURAL ORGANICS sunscreen is 100% chemical and nano FREE. 

Our sunscreen is used to fight sun damage, is a foundation and a moisturizer, what more could you ask for?

It is the recommended 30 SPF, comes in tan, nude, and no tint and 3 sizes that are perfect to always have on hand.

So, this winter bundle up, put on a smile and wear that sunscreen!


You don’t need a set of boxing gloves for this fight; just your fingertip and BNO’S Eye Repair Night Serum to knock out signs of aging around your eyes.

You’ve heard the old expression “a little dab will do ya” well, it’s a good saying to remember while using eye serums. Why, you may ask? Serums are highly concentrated; therefore, you don’t need to apply a lot which saves time and money: it’s a win-win.

You only need to apply a small dot, on your fingertip to pat gently around the eyes.

Our Eye Repair Night Serum is a superior product because we formulate it with 5 highly effective certified botanical seed oils, which provide intensive antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to the fragile skin around eyes.

  • Evening Primrose Oil has the highest concentration of GLA, which drench your skin with lovey nutrients.
  • Jojoba, a fatty acid, which profile is a perfect match to our own, therefore our skin easily recognizes the ingredient and loves to soak it up.
  • Rosehip Seed, cold pressed, which is excellent as we lose none of the bio-active properties to heat. Our eyes therefore fully benefit from its vitamins and fatty acids.
  • Moringa Oil loves to soak up its own vitamins and deposit into your skin to give it a healthier appearance, smooth wrinkles, and its unique plant hormones aid in normal skin cell regeneration.
  • Sea Buck Oil is a special oil bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids including the rare omega 7.

Purchase today and “do the dab” tonight and every night for more youthful looking eyes.


And the answer is, drum-roll please…… Yes, we definitely do!

Moisturizers used during the day tend to be lighter weight to avoid a greasy feeling and shine when applying makeup.

It’s important to protect the skin with antioxidants during the day to counteract the damaging UV rays of the sun, and to that end we’ve packed DAY LIGHT ORGANIC MOISTURIZER with Vitamin C ester. Vitamin C Ester is a natural SPF defense against the sun and the havoc it wreaks on your skin.

Of course, your face also loves all the additional yummy organic ingredients we formulated into Day Light Moisturizer including:

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice – Contains potent amounts of phytonutrients, antioxidants and amino acids to intensify natural regeneration benefits.

Avocado OilEmollient that contains more than 20% of essential unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C and E, potassium, lecithin and lutein.

Rosehip Seed Oil –  Contains high concentrations of GLA. It’s cold-pressed, no heat is used to avoid destroying any of the bio-active properties and benefits which includes high levels of vitamins A, C. and Omegas 3 and 6. This non-pore-clogging oil promotes beautiful skin.

Rooibos Tea Extract has a naturally high concentration of antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamin D and zinc. Contains amazingly effective antioxidants and age defying properties.

Stay tuned for the best nighttime ritual to complete your moisturizing regimen.


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Why was Daylight Savings Time (DST) started? Do we still need it, and what effects does it have on our bodies? Extending daylight hours was originally started to conserve power during World War I. The thought process was that a later sunset would lead to less lamp use in the evening; however, the savings have not been as expected. The savings has only been 0.5 % per day. Is the .5% a day worth the effect on our bodies? The majority opinion is an overwhelming NO! There have been multiple studies on what DST does to the body’s clock, mind, work habits, and overall health of those people in states which observe DST. Springtime is worse for the body with the loss of the hour vs fall, where you gain the hour you lost back. However, both cause similar health issues including:

  • Quality of sleep, loss of REM, which means less quality of reparative sleep.
  • Risk of increased mental health issues, especially to those already challenged.
  • Less sleep = less productivity and more job loss.
  • Decrease in efficiency overall.
  • Workplace injuries increase the Monday after DST and decrease when we “fall back” in October.
  • Sudden sleep pattern changes can cause heart attacks to increase by 25% for those with heart conditions, particularly on the Monday after Spring forward.

WOW! Who knew the loss of an hour could cause so much disruption? You may be wondering what can we do to offset the transition? Here are some potentially helpful tips.

  • Start the week or at least a few days before DST by setting your alarm ½ hour to 1 hour earlier to help with the first Monday of DST so the time change doesn’t hit you so hard.
  • You may be running late, but do not skip breakfast! Eating breakfast tells your mind it’s morning and the start of your day.
  • Exercise and go for a walk in the sun, it can adjust your internal body clock.

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Let’s Talk Preservatives

Preservative: To preserve the product it’s in; it’s a simple concept.  Many people think if they buy natural and organic products, there should not be any preservatives. After all, the products are natural; right? What could be better on your skin than that? Well, many products, especially if they contain water, hydrosol, or even aloe vera juice must have a preservative to stop bacteria, mold, and yeast growth.

Common preservatives, with scary long names and reputations, do not mean the ingredients shouldn’t be used or are safe. Controversial parabens such as, methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, and butylparaben are in most skincare products. These are some ingredients we see quite often and are the most commonly used preservatives in skin care products. 

Not all preservatives are created equal, however, with organic skin care there are some safe and effective preservatives. 

Be Natural Organics preserves using clever formulation and natural organic ingredients, that we search all over our Mother Earth for; ingredients such as:

  • Aspen Bark- Prevents spoilage from bacteria and fungi, also increases formula self-preservation. Accepted by ECOcert as gluten free and Non-GMO.
  • Leucidal Liquid- probiotic cabbage base found in fermented products like kimchi and sauerkraut. Provides antimicrobial protection. Approved by ECOcert and Whole Foods acceptable list.
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)- Soybean base that extends shelf life and fight oxidation. Non-GMO.
  • Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate- Sounds scary, but it’s actually a corn based preservative and stabilizer accepted by ECOcert

Whether chemical based or organic, preservatives are needed. We at BNO opt for a shorter shelf life ingredients to bring you the freshest, most botanically potent products, because fresh is best! Best of all, knowledge is power. Understanding preservatives allows consumers to make the best informed choice for themselves as individuals.

Our Environmental Commitment

At Be Natural Organics we strongly believe that businesses should always take responsibility for the environmental consequences of their production actions.

In order to stay true to our commitment, we embrace the following protocols.

  • BNO has been working on being a green company long before it was the “in” thing to do. We steadfastly separate plastic, Styrofoam, plastics and paper into 50-gallon drums. We load and transport the material to our local recycling center.
  • We conscientiously reuse all packing materials from suppliers when appropriate.
  • We purchase only biodegradable packing peanuts made from natural, nontoxic sources, such as potato and corn starch. They dissolve in water and, can be thrown into compost pile or they are reusable on the customers end. 
  • We utilize renewable resources, use only LED lighting, closely monitor water usage, and are in the process of going paperless.

Our Packaging

Why we choose to use both PET Plastic and Glass containers for our products.



  • 100% of PET plastic bottles can be recycled into RPET which is the most used and recycled plastic in the world. Advancements in manufacturing technology using RPET make plastic bottles 30% lighter and reduces the amount of plastic needed to produce them.

Saves energy:

  • PET packaging uses significantly less energy and natural resources during the manufacturing process compared to glass packaging production. This includes fossil fuels and water. It is much lighter to transport which is also a gas and energy saver.


  • Shatterproof: This makes it a safer and lighter shipping option than glass.

Safety concerns:

  • PET plastic does not contain phthalates as non-PET plastics do.
  • PET plastics do not contain endocrine disruptors as other plastics may.
  • PET plastics do not contain dioxins, nor do they create them when heated in the microwave or left in the car on a hot day.
  • The FDA has deemed PET bottles within the safety limits, so no leeching of chemicals.
  • PET is globally renowned as safe and non-toxic.


Although glass is not as environmentally friendly as PET plastic, there are pros and cons to its use. At times, the benefits outweigh the cons depending on which ingredients we are formulating with.


  • Glass isn’t as earth friendly as PET plastic due of the processes involved in manufacturing the material, however it does give high transparency and is corrosion resistant.
  • Even though glass is harder to recycle, studies show more people tend to throw glass into the recycle bin versus plastic.


  • Weight of glass containers in shipping is more expensive and has a much higher carbon footprint than plastic. Many customers like that they can actually see the product.

Safety concerns:

  • Glass does not leach.
  • It isn’t made up of reactive chemicals.
  • Glass MUST be used with specific natural, organic ingredients to keep the formulations stable, fresh, and botanically active so it arrives right to our customers door in perfect condition and ready to do a beautiful job.

Be Natural Organics Story

In 2008, Joanne O’Donnell, a local beauty business owner with more than 30 years experience, became frustrated with her inability to find skincare products that were non-toxic, fresh and- just as important- provided results. She knew it was time to merge her experience and knowledge into her own skin care line, Be Natural Organics! 

Be Natural Organics‘ mission is to provide results-driven, botanically active, organic skin care products to support a variety of skin types.

As a woman owned and operated small business, Be Natural Organics has the capability to slow down or speed up production based on weekly needs. This control over production ensures our products are the freshest, botanically active skincare available. 

How do we do it? 

  •  We search the globe for the freshest, most active plant materials available. 
  • Our ingredients include: certified organic, cold pressed, medicinal grade, Co2- derived oils and active enzymes for visible results.  
  • We comply with Ecocert and Whole Foods Body Premium Standards as well as having products  Environmental Working Group verified.  
  • Finally, we NEVER sell to stores. Our products are too fresh and botanically active to sit on store shelves for months and even years on end.  All products are labeled with an expiration date so our customers know when they were bottled and how long they can be used.