How Can One Find Happiness?

Happiness can be learned. That’s the central idea behind Yale’s most popular class ever. Professor Laurie Santos has collected all the psychological science out there and come up with a step-by-step process for boosting your own happiness.

The 10-week course online through Coursera is free. It’s officially called The Science of Well-Being, and it has already been taken by more than 225,000 students online. One in four students at Yale has taken it since it was first offered.

Santos has designed the course for three reasons: to synthesize what psychologists have learned about making our lives better, to help undergrads overcome stress and unhappiness on campus, and “to live a better life myself.”

Seminars with structured homework centered on daily exercises that are geared toward changing your habits — by identifying and dropping the bad ones while new habits are developed.

Focus on your Strengths

This first homework was all about identifying your signature strengths and refocusing on them each day. I took the “VIA Survey” online (anyone can take this test free here), which revealed my 24 greatest strengths. My top four: love of learning, appreciation of beauty and excellence, leadership, and fairness. If you’re pretty self-aware, the results won’t be a big surprise. The key, though, is to identify them and find situations to use your strengths every day. That’ll lead you down the path to flourishing. Studies show happiness increases and depression decreases when a person uses his or her signature strengths regularly. In my case, Look for simple ways to use fairness, humor, and love of learning throughout the day.

Invest in Experiences

Try spending money on experiences such as live music, vacations, and meals instead of new toys. Going for a walk or traveling to a new place are much better investments in terms of happiness than buying material things.

The Path to Happiness

Remember to also do the things you probably already know are proven to boost your well-being, such as exercising daily and getting as much sleep as possible.

But the key here is to pick up a new positive habit – or habits – that will lead you to feeling happier.

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How to Pamper Your Skin

As the days get longer and temperatures begin to climb, off go the sweaters and boots and on go the shorts and sandals.

But while your spirit may be singing the praises of spring, it’s also likely your skin is still crying out with the winter blues — dry, scaly, rough, spots on heels, knees and elbows as well as stressed- out, overheated, undernourished skin on your face and body.

Knees, elbows, heels, and toes can also suffer from a winter in boots — where too often, says Citron, what we don’t see, we neglect.

When feet and legs aren’t on display the way they are during warmer weather, they are more likely to not be moisturized as much, and less attention to things like dry cuticles. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for skin that is neglected to react, becoming dry, dull, and flaky, and sometimes even red and inflamed.

During the summer months, moisturized your skin with our Natural Glow Moisturizer . Our self-tanning Natural Glow Moisturizer contains organic aloe vera juice base providing a rich supply of amino acids, nutrients and enzymes to intensify the natural repair function of the skin. Sign up for our newsletter and Receive 30% OFF NOW!
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Why Meditation is Important

When the topic of mindfulness meditation comes up, there are people out there who still imagine that meditation is the domain of free spirits who enjoy zoning out on a woven grass mat somewhere. Meditation practices have been around for a long time, and virtually every spiritual path integrates some form of them. Though it has its roots in Buddhism, meditation as it is practiced today is accessible to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. However, you may wonder “Why should I meditate?” 

Facts about Meditation:

Meditation makes you happier

People who meditate generally are usually happier than those who don’t. Meditation is known to enhance the flow of constructive thoughts and positive emotions. Even a few minutes spent meditating regularly can make a big difference.

Meditation helps you manage anxiety, stress and depression

The transformative potential of meditation shouldn’t be underestimated. The part of the brain that regulates stress and anxiety shrinks when meditation is practiced consistently. By focusing on moment-by-moment experiences, meditators are training the mind to remain calm, even in stressful situations. Along with this, they also experience significantly less anxiety due to uncertainty about the future.

You needn’t be a religious person to meditate

it’s about developing calmness, practicing awareness and decluttering the mind. And although contemplation is a key component of most world religions, you don’t have to be adhere to a religion to practice meditation. This is good news for the one in five Americans who define themselves as spiritual but not religious.

Meditation benefits are almost immediate

The numerous health benefits that result from meditation are another great reason to adopt the practice. Certain benefits can start making themselves felt very quickly after people start sitting. A sense of calmness and peace of mind are common experiences, even if this feeling is fleeting and subtle. Some people worry that meditation is having the opposite effect because their minds seem busier than ever. But just stick with it, and keep your sessions short. Meditation isn’t about wiping the slate of your mind clean, it’s about being aware of what appears there.

Meditation helps you fall asleep

Insomnia is a troubling condition – everybody dreads a sleepless night. Sadly, about a third of the American population suffers from some form of sleep deprivation, whether occasional or chronic. If you’re one of those misfortunate folk who stare at the ceiling and count sheep all night to no avail, meditation just might be a solution. Meditation triggers the relaxation response – which is why some people actually have the opposite problem: they fall asleep as soon as they begin to meditate!

Meditation sharpens your memory

Apart from enhancing your happiness and improving your overall well-being, meditation also helps your memory stay sharp and your concentration remain steady. With mindfulness meditation, you train in remaining aware of the present moment in a non-judgmental manner. Distractions are less and less likely to sweep you away. Just one more reason why you should meditate.

So relax and get started on your mindful path today! Learn more.

It’s All About the Base…

Slice Aloe Vera A Very Useful Herbal Medicine For Skin Care And

In cosmetics the base is everything. Be Natural Organics prides itself on providing high-performance skin care that delivers visible results.  Our propriety organic aloe vera juice base contains a rich supply of amino acids, nutrients and enzymes to intensify the natural repair function of the skin.

Be Natural Organics aloe vera base is capable of penetrating the skin almost four times faster than pure water. This allows other nutrients and botanical actives to sink deeper into the underlying layers of the skin for optimal results. Aloe vera contains almost 20 amino acids, calcium, magnesium, enzymes, vitamins, polysaccharides, nitrogen and other miraculous properties that heal and nourish.

Research has shown aloe vera’s unique ability to regenerate cellular membranes and boost the production of fibroblast cells (responsible for collagen production) six to eight times faster than the rate of normal cellular function. It is capable of penetrating the skin almost four times faster than pure water. This allows other nutrients and botanical actives to sink deeper into the underlying layers of the skin for optimal results.

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10 Fascinating Earth Day Facts

1. It Is the Largest Secular Holiday in the World

It is the largest secular holiday in the world. The Earth Day Network works with over 20,000 organizations in 192 countries to coordinate events just for this day. Over a billion people take part in Earth Day activities of some kind all over the world.

2. It Started Nationally and Then Grew Into an International Phenomenon

While Earth Day began in the U.S. on April 22, 1970, it did not go international until 1990. It started out with 200 million people in 141 countries and eventually grew to the massive proportions mentioned above.

3. We Can Thank Earth Day for Bringing Us the EPA

The first Earth Day helped push important environmental legislation in the United States. Later in the same year of the first Earth Day ever, the 1970 amendments to the Clean Air Act were passed.

4. It Birthed the Environmental Movement

One of the most important and long lasting Earth Day facts is that the environmental movement was born with the creation of Earth Day in 1970.

5. It Brought Greenery to Barren Lands

Afghanistan is known for being a barren and foreboding land with less vegetation than more hospitable areas. In honor of Earth Day in 2011, 28 million trees were planted in this country through the actions of the Earth Day Network.

6. It Changed People’s Thinking in Their Daily Decisions

Earth Day has helped make concern for the environment a priority in how people live their own lives. People are more predisposed to use recyclable materials that won’t end up on a landfill, and the financial and practical impediments to widespread adoption of electric vehicles versus their conventional counterparts is overlooked by many mainly for environmental reasons.

7. Founded by a Wisconsin Senator

Earth Day was founded by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson. His work for the environment also included a stint as counselor for The Wilderness Society starting in 1981. In 1995, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his environmental work by Bill Clinton.

8. Education Was and Still Is the Goal

This now worldwide event began as a teach-in about environmental issues when it started in the United States. This may be why 2,000 colleges along with 10,000 primary and secondary schools participated in the first one.

9. Earth Day’s Organizers Provide Tools to Help You Do Your Part

The Earth Day Network’s EnergyCenter enables people to reduce their personal greenhouse gas emissions. It helps them calculate their current usage and gives tips on how to reduce their carbon footprint.

10. NASA Helping Out on Earth Day

In 2014, NASA took an active part in Earth Day. Their #GlobalSelfie event asked people to take a photo of themselves outside, and send it to NASA. The space agency then put these pictures on a map of the world for all to see to commemorate their participation in this important day.

A Day to Embrace!

Participation in Earth Day shows you care about the world on which you live. Like it or not, there is currently no other planet that our species can move to if we mess this one up. Planting trees, cleaning coral reefs, collecting trash and taking other social or political action to ensure our progeny continue to have a habitable planet to call home.
Happy Earth Day!

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Amazing Benefits Of Pomegranate For Your Skin

Pomegranate benefitsPomegranate for skin is a rich source of vitamin C, which research has proven to be successful in treating dull and dry skin. When applied topically on a regular basis, it can reduce skin roughness. Around 82 percent of pomegranate’s volume weight is water and thereby it’s effective in keeping you hydrated. In addition to vitamin C and vitamin E, pomegranate juice is a good source of folate, potassium, and vitamin K.

Pomegranate is known for its anti-inflammatory properties when applied to the skin. The polyphenols in pomegranate are powerful antioxidants that help protect skin cells from oxidative damage. Polyphenols are micronutrients with antioxidant activity, found mostly in whole foods such as dried spices, red wine, fruits and vegetables.

Our skin naturally begins to lose its firmness as we age. Pomegranates are full of ellagic acid, an antioxidant that has shown to reduce collagen breakdown. Collagen, which is the element of your skin, ensuring that your skin remains smooth and firm. Pomegranates contain certain compounds which stop enzymes from breaking down collagen, which keeps your skin healthy. Pomegranates help in the production of naturally occurring antioxidants produced by your body, which help the regeneration of skin cells.

Pomegranates have anti-aging properties and can revitalize your skin internally as well as externally. The oil from the seeds found in the fruit helps support the epidermis (outer layer of your skin), which reduces wrinkles.

If you enjoy the skin care benefits of pomegranates, try our nourishing Pomegranate Facial Scrub. Our facial scrub has a lovely natural pomegranate aroma and gentle foaming action makes this scrub a delightful experience. It leaves skin delicately resurfaced, plump and glowing. The Pomegranate Facial Scrub is on sale from August 19 – 26, 2019 with the coupon code FACE25.

Is Skin Really Our Largest Organ?

Getting All Touchy Feely

It’s pretty amazing – this human body thing we carry around every day. Our skin makes up our largest organ, believe it or not. It’s also the most complicated with its many roles of not only containing our organs and muscles. Our skin truly is a vital part of why we exist. Our skin holds everything in place. It’s airtight, watertight and even flexible. It is complex and complicated all in the same breath. Adults carry some 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms) and 22 square feet (2 square meters) of it. The skin keeps us safe from exposure from harmful temperatures, a tremendous immune defense, vitamin production and even the sensation of touch.

Starting to see the Importance?

The Skinny

With all of this responsibility comes a dire need to protect it. Organic skincare products are a great way to infuse our skin with potent anti-oxidants and other actives that truly benefit the skin without harmful chemicals.

Be Natural Organics uses the 4 step process for full spectrum skin health:

1.   Cleanse
2.   Exfoliate
3.   Balance
4.   Moisturize

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What Is a Carbon Footprint and Why Should I Reduce Mine?

footprintA carbon footprint is an impact left by a human or business on the environment by releasing carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. How we treat the environment today plays a part in climate change. If we work together, we can create positive change.

How Be Natural Organics Is Minimizing Our Effect On the Environment:

  • We monitor and reduce water usage.
  • We use renewable resources.
  • We recycle all materials possible.
  • Use use and support Fair Trade practices
  • We do not test our products on animals or deal with companies that do.

Join Us In Our Fight Against Climate Change

Reducing your carbon footprint is about making simple changes that in time make a positive impact on the earth.

Home Energy and Water Usage

  • Turn off lights, water, and electronics when they are not in use.
  • Cut back on really long, hot showers.
  • Change out your light bulbs for energy saving ones. When you upgrade appliances, be sure that they are Energy Star certified.
  • Upgrade to a programmable thermostat so that your unit is not on when no one is home.
  • Consider using other forms of energy, such as solar, wind, etc.


  • Cut back on flying and driving as much as possible.
  • Reduce car trips by grocery shopping only one to two times per month or doing all errands on one day instead of multiple days a week.
  • You might walk, bike or carpool when you can, and maintain your vehicle and tires to lower vehicle emissions.
  • You might even consider an electric car to maximize your efforts.


  • Improve your health while reducing your carbon footprint by cutting or reducing beef and dairy in your diet.
  • Eating locally means that the cost of transporting goods is being cut.
  • You may even consider growing your own vegetable garden.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We have heard it for years- “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” It still applies today. Besides reducing the previous items discussed, reusing and recycling can help our environment. Below are just a few ideas:

  • Instead of buying bottled water, purchase reusable water bottles and a water filtration system.
  • Use a notepad app on your phone or tablet instead of writing notes on paper.
  • Purchase recycled goods and recycle any items you can.
  • Give unwanted items to family, friends or charity if it is still usable.

The ways in which you can do the “3 R’s” are limitless.

Make Your Mark On the Future

We hope you will join us in our journey to improve our world. As it is said, we are merely borrowing the planet from our children and their children. Let’s work together to leave them a healthier planet.

What Prevents Wrinkles, Skin Cancer, Age Spots and Sagging Skin? The answer is sunscreen

Do you know that 90% of all skin damage comes directly from the sun?

How to Choose the Best?

Shopping for sunscreen can be daunting if you’ve ever spent any time browsing for the best product. Fancy shelf displays, product packaging and online marketing campaigns aimed to swoon you into believing one is better than the other.

There are Two Main Choices – Physical or Chemical Sunscreens

Physical Sunscreens – The safest sunscreens to use are physical sunscreens that use all natural ingredients and non-nano iron oxide and non-nano titanium oxide. Physical sunscreens are reef friendly, safe and eco friendly.

Chemical based sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that are damaging to our skin and bodies. When you apply these chemical based sunscreens, they are absorbed into our skin, body and organs. This is where things begin to cause problems. Chemical based sunscreens are NOT reef friendly and break down our precious eco system.

Tips for Safe Sunning

• Cover yourself up and find shade! – Wear a hat! Loose clothing can act as sun protection of your skin from damaging sun rays. However, remember that even the simplest of exposure – hands, ears, nose, cheeks – are subject to everyday exposure which it is recommended to apply some form of skin protection at all times.

BNO Knows Organic Sunscreen

Safely protect yourself against damaging UV rays with our best-rated Organic Physical Sunscreen. Be Natural Organics offers nude and tan tints to be used as a multi-purpose moisturizer/foundation/sunscreen.

Be safe this summer with a physical sunscreen or protective clothing when exposed to the sun. To learn more about skin care – Click here